My degree Thesis

After much thought, I decided to give this important scientific document to the world 😀

It is available by clicking on the button below.

My thesis is about Computer Vision. It aims to implement a system capable of providing augmented reality in an industrial environment.

The accuracy of an application based on augmented reality and the capabilities of the tracking system used. In practice, the system that determines the position of the point of view with respect to the environment.

During this study, two tracking systems were examined and compared.

The first uses the Vuforia platform, a technology capable of tracking in restricted areas, with the use of fiducial markers. It composes a structure of markers (the Markerfield) and allows its use in a larger space.

The second is a hybrid system. It uses a Marker as a starting point and autonomously extends the traceable area, making use of reference points naturally present in the environment.

Not going into details, these are all in the document I prepared.

Enjoy the reading.

Let me know if you have any criticisms, ideas, possible applications, etc.

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